Emily Kirkpatrick
Emily Kirkpatrick is a writer for hire currently covering all things Vanities at Vanity Fair.

That’s How the Boomers Win.

Photo by DEVN on Unsplash

As anyone who’s binged TikTok content over the past year and a half can tell you, there seems to be the makings of a subtle civil war brewing between Gen Z and Millennials.

This intergenerational animosity has been spurred on by media coverage declaring various trivial trends once held dear…

What being an amateur plant mom taught me about taking care of my own body.

Photo by Yen Vu on Unsplash

Despite the fact that my parents owned a garden center for a good chunk of my life, my green thumb is decidedly closer to a faint shade of pistachio. But much like every millennial indoctrinated by Instagram aesthetics, my inability to successfully keep a plant alive has not dimmed my…

Photo by Jessica Knowlden on Unsplash

We found out about the ban on incoming flights from Europe twenty-four hours after we landed. While acclimating to our new surroundings, a barista at the little cafe on our street broke the news. She explained that three Italian tourists had passed through the city the night before on their…

Emily Kirkpatrick

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